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How to help with subject vocabulary?

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Anybody have tips for how to make subject-based vocabulary stick? I'm talking just the basics like noun, compound, classification, multiple, etc. It seems to happen across the board in all subjects equally. My DD is able to do the work. She does very well on her worksheets and exercises overall. But it does interfere with teaching because I feel like I have to reteach the vocabulary over and over again or else choose simpler words.


I don't have problems making these accommodations, but I would like to see progress as well. Sometimes it seems like she really doesn't care if she is learning or not, and I wonder if that attitude may also have something to do with it.

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If she's doing the BJU grammar, that might be part of the problem. I don't know. We're doing it now, and I'm having to work WAY harder to get retention and click than I did with Shurley. Shurley was just so streamlined, taking incremental steps, and leading them right up to it with the Q&A flow. BJU dumps lots of concepts into one lesson and doesn't lead them as nicely into any of it. I miss Shurley, sniff... Anyways, with the BJU does the edition you're using have practice worksheets on a cd in the tm? We're doing the 9 and it does. I didn't catch them at first. What you might do is make magnets that have labels or just labels and use them with the worksheets. I find myself writing some of the sentences on our whiteboard and going through the labeling and diagramming. If she has the names of the parts on labels, she can move them around and get some visual and kinesthetic reinforcement. My dd might get fuzzy on the *names* but she doesn't get fuzzy on the *concepts*. The concepts (what is it modifying? what question does it answer?) are more important in the long run. The names will come with time.

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