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Wish me luck, folks...

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Monday I start a new full-time job. 9 hrs. per day, four days on, two days off.

I still need to keep up with my part-time job (since I earn quite a bit more per hour there), and squeeze in a little bit of time to care for my family. :svengo:


I'll either come out of this stronger, or dead. ;)


Life just gets more and more entertaining, huh? :001_huh:


ETA: (Did I forget to mention that I'm absolutely terrified?)

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Thank you all so much for the encouragement!


I'm not worried about being able to do the job well--I'm pretty much overqualified.


I'm worried about working 60 hours per week, homeschooling my two high schoolers, taking care of general family stuff, and being there for my youngest dd, who is definitely suffering from having parents who are a mess, a financial situation that's new for us, and now waking up each morning without mom. I'll also be missing lots of Sunday worship times.


It feels like the final end of the life I had, and I really loved what I thought I had. :crying:

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