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x-post: Looking for a living book on physics


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Just a few books I have on hand:


John Tiner's Exploring the World of Physics, written by a Christian, but his belief does not affect the way he presents the material. Christianbooks.com has the e-book version for about $6.


Basher's Physics


Cartoon Guide to Physics


Get a Grip on Physics


Manga Guide to Physics


Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids


I was able to find most of these from the library to review before purchasing.

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I've contemplated that Manga Guide to Physics before, but haven't been able to see it IRL. What are your thoughts on it, in general?


Well, I generally don't like comic/manga books, but that's probably because I rarely ever read one as a child. Even now, I still find the format chaotic, but now that DD is used to comic books via Beast, this Manga Guide provides basic information in a friendly, accessible way. It's advanced for an elementary student, but I think about right for a middle school/high school student, as an introductory text.


Since you are in Southern California, we may actually have the same library system where you can view some of the author's books in their entirety online. I didn't see one for physics, but there is one for relativity.

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FYI I would not consider Tiner's books secular. The Physics one is not bad--just scattered with a few Intelligent design references and statements like "...the eye is a special creation of God..."


DH doesn't like science materials presented from a religious point of view, and was, um, unhappy when I bought Apologia, although now we use the series as an encyclopedia. He did peruse Tiner's Physics, and didn't object to it as a read aloud. The text size is comfortable for a younger but accelerated child, which is why I bought all of his books.

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HIGHLY recommend Joy Hakim's Story of Science. 3 book series covering the history of math, astronomy and physics, going up to modern physics. It is very people-focused but also explains the math and science. My son and I read through 2.5 books when he was in 9th and LOVED it

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