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Business travelers....best CC to earn points on?


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Dh will be traveling more this year than usual. We want to get him his own CC for travel so we can isolate his expenses from the household. Do you have a card you recommend or some hints/tricks to increase bonuses?


We really want to maximize travel points especially since he will be doing business in Hawaii several times a year and we hope to tag along. :D



From website reviews it looks like the Capitol One Ventura and Chase Sapphire Prefered are both highly recommended. Any experience with either of these?

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It looks like Clark Howard is recommending Fidelity, if you want to redeem points for cash.


I think if you will be flying on a particular airline frequently, you should check out their card, to see if they offer a good deal.


And, whatever you do, read the mice type, so you know if the great deals and promos and rewards are only for 90 days. :tongue_smilie:


Did you check NerdWallet.com and CreditCardTuneUp.com? I've heard they are okay, but they are owned by credit card companies and tend to recommend their own brand.


There is a tool at BankRate.com that might be helpful, too.


Good luck and have fun in Hawaii!!

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