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I just switched from CGE3 to FLL3 w/ my 4th grader (he is a slow reader) for a couple of reasons. While I liked the coverage of CGE I felt the pages in the workbook were crowded and the amount bit much for my son. The TM was just the workbook with the answers, there was no instruction for the teacher. I like at least some guidance. We have only been using FLL3 for a week now (I did do FLL 1&2 with my older girls but not the early grades of CGE) but I like the scriptedness of the TM (although I don't always say everything they suggest), the fact that the pages are not busy and I feel the amount of practice is sufficient and not overwhelming. I also like cerain skills such as dictionary and letter writing is separate and optional.





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By CGE, do you mean Climbing to Good English? If so... My youngest has been doing CTGE and is almost finished with the book, and my middle girl did it at her level last year.


I *LOVE* the content of CTGE. Love it. Phonics, spelling (although the spelling practice/attention is obscure, but it's there), grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills are interwoven very subtly, and my dd's come a LONG way while using CTGE. Her LA skills are delayed because of a speech disorder, so she's a 4th grader working at 2nd grade level in LA. CTGE has been wonderful for her.


Middle girl did fine with CTGE last year, but was bored to tears with it. But she loves Abeka grammar and CTGE is has a very dull layout by comparison.


Because I haven't been able to make up my mind about where to go with youngest after she finishes her current book, I decided to try FLL which I already had sitting on the shelf. She LOVES it. She enjoys the lessons, the interaction between us, the use of the white board for some lessons, the poetry memorization.... However, FLL, doesn't include all the LA skills that CTGE includes, so if I stay with FLL, then I'll have to get something for writing, something for spelling, something for continued phonics practice for a while....


If CTGE had a better look and layout, I would stay with it for this child without even a twitch. The layout style doesn't bother some people, though (and I've been trying to decide if it bothers me enough), so you might want to look at different levels down the road to decide for yourself.


I'm also considering a couple of other options for dd, but wanted to share my thoughts so far on the two you asked about... and to say that I haven't made a decision yet. :tongue_smilie:

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