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Need book rx for 11 yr old girl making prof of faith (theologically Reformed)

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My friend is wanting to get a good book for his 11 yr old granddaughter when she makes confession of faith before the church in a couple of weeks. Something reformed and encouraging in spiritual maturity, but not dry theology and definitely not babyish.


I thought of:

Stepping Heavenward - I read this ages ago. Are there any theological concerns? Any particular editions recommended?

Grandpa's Box - seems mostly theological; less so about spiritual growth and living a life of love for God?


Any other suggestions? Does RC Sproul have any books geared for this age? Something between the picture books and the adult theology books?

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Stepping Heavenward: Personally I would not give this to an 11-yr-old; I think an older girl (like mid-teens to adult) would get more out of it. It's supposed to be a journal, and it starts with the main character turning 16. Great book though!!


I think Pilgrim's Progress is a great idea!


My ideas:

What about a biography? Maybe:

- A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael by Elliot

- Through Gates of Splendor (about Jim Elliot)

- The Hiding Place (by Corrie Ten Boom)


What about Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis? or The Screwtape Letters? I know I read both of those in my early teens and got a lot out of them (although I got more out of reading them again as an adult!)


What about Desiring God by Piper?


What about an apologetics book? I read (most of) Evidence that Demands a Verdict by McDowell at about that age, and it was VERY helpful to me. Or A Ready Defense also by McDowell. Or The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.

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