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Embracing the routine to avoid calamity

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We will decide tonight what we are in the mood for.

It my be sandwiches with cheese and salad, or it may be something cooked; I don't usually plan unless I am expecting company.

Before tonight, I have to get through work, picking my niece up from class, homeschool playgroup, picking DD up from class, taking DD to horseback riding, taking DS to tae kwon do... after that is all over, we will see who is hungry for what.

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Um, Fridge Clean Out Extraordinaire' with a splash of "whatever + cornstarch" as a rue. Bake at 450, throw on crumbled crackers, buttered...broil for 7 minutes and then act like I know what I'm doing..lol




I may go with leftover veggies and chef salad. I am too emotionally exhausted to deal with a roast tonight (which was on the meal plan but I forgot to take it out of the freezer.)

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