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Ds grew taller than 2 of his older friends! Pants?

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Ds is fairly recently taller than his 8 and almost 9 year old friends. While this is not relevent to his pants size, i did realize i may not be too crazy when i could not find pants that fit. He still weighs less than both of his friends.


He needs well fitting pants for his young marines meeting (they would prefer jeans) but i can't find any. Do you think it would be worth having a pair of jeans made for him? I need an elastic waist with adjustable waistband and beltloops. He is allergic to metal (nickel known, not sure of others yet) and all store bought have some metal on them. I tried dark dress pants (this is ok since he has an allergy) but they all have zippers and thin pockets and this could be why he still has some rashes.


If i had one pair made, i could spend some of my 5 free hours on saturdays learning to make them myself. If i learned myself, i would be able to spend some money on zippers and buttons made with a safe metal. I could also make dd some pants because she is in a weird fitting stage right now.


I will figure out how to post a picture of his belly the last time he wore jeans so you can see how bad it is, and that i'm not completely crazy for considering all of this. Lol. (how do i post this picture?)

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Land's End is wonderful. We switched to them during the year my son was ultra skinny and tall. Customer service was great at helping me find the waist and inseam sizes I needed. Then, when he began to gain weight another year and needed husky sizes, the same style pants worked. We ordered the Climber pants until he grew too tall/big for them. We watched the sales pages religiously for them so that we could get them on sale. You also need to sign up for the emails because they are sending great deals on those pretty much daily right now.


Sometimes LLBean has them as well.

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My ds8 is similar...75%ile for height...20%ile for weight at 50lbs. I've been very successful with Crazy 8. They have skinny style jeans with elastic waist bands and adjustable waists. They have a whole wall of denim!


As for the metal allergy. I have that. You are not crazy...the reaction can be pretty bad and gets worse with prolonged contact for me. I react to EVERYTHING that has nickel in it. The only jewelry I can wear is sterling silver and platinum. Most jean buttons do not bother me. When I have a pair that does, I put medical tape over the button where it would contacts my skin. It stays in place for several washes, even. I find that it is easier to do that than replace the jeans.

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My exceptionally skinny kids do really well with skinny jeans from Crazy 8. They also come in slim sizes AND the have adjustable waists. My 8 year old boy wears a size 6 slim skinny jean. Because my kids are so skinny the pants are not ridiculously tight like some skinny jeans either, actually, they're still fairly loose on him. Bonus? They're pretty cheap compared to many other stores.


These are the jeans that work so well for my skinny boy:




ETA: They do have metal but it doesn't necessarily touch the skin. Can you simply cover the back of the button with a piece of felt or something to prevent it from sitting against your ds' waist?

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Thank you! I will look at all of these.


I was almost thrilled to see the walmart elastic waist last time we went, but none of them even remotely fit him! Waist was like 5, but they were waaaay too short (like capri length). 8 fit him in length, but even just standing still, they fell off. That would be too much fabric for him to manage with a belt, and probably would not look good.


The lands end looks nice. I'll call them about a good fit, and get 2 pair for young marines. Hopefully by the time he wears them out, i'll be closer to making them.

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These are expensive but I'm throwing them out there as another alternative:




I've got a skinny tall kid too and what I like about HA is they sell by height. These particular jeans have an adjustable waist, but for non-adjustable clothes I've found HA to be slimmer cut that works well, maybe because they're Swedish?

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