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If we were to use History Pockets for American History...

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I'd start with Native Americans, then Explorers, then "Life in the Colonies". I can't remember the others but that will get you started. There is Westward Expansion?


Those first three could last you a year if you read other books and did all the activites.


This is helpful, thanks. Wow I don't know if I want to spend an entire year on the first 3. Would these work for middle grade students or would they be too easy?

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They are pretty easy but you could add extra work like KWO on the summary pages and reading historical fiction. Are you using it as a supplement or will this be your main history? If its just a supplemental 'American Studies' then it would be fine. I think your older students would think some of the cutting/pasting a bit cheesy:) But my olders don't mind cheesy if they are doing it with the younger ones.

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We just finished doing the Native Americans one, and we didn't do all of them (after a brief internal struggle :D) but concentrated on ones where we are likely to visit, and any that the kids were interested in. It took some up-front cutting and pasting on my part, but the activities were at the right level for my 2nd graders. I also found some related non-fiction books at the library and used The Indian Book for a few of its fiction and non-fiction stories. We're doing Colonial Times next and I see the grade level for that is 4-8, so I expect we will scale back some of the activities.


On a similar note, my kids have also enjoyed some of the "Moving Maps" from here.

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