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need help with science sequence

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I need help planning a (non-STEM) college prep science sequence for my daughter.


If we do PAC's Integrated Physics and Chemistry (plus a custom lab class) this year

and we plan on doing Biology with labs next year, (still unsure of what publisher)


But what should we do after that?

More Chem? Environmental Science? Astronomy?

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I'm not familiar with PAC. Is it safe to assume that a one-year, integrated course would be the equivalent of a single semester each of chemistry and physics? If so, I'd probably revisit one or both of those subjects in a more complete way following biology.


If I'm wrong, and you think you could legitimately count both chemistry and physics "done" after that course, then I'd say you could probably choose any other science class interests your student.

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The school she is looking at says that she has to have 3 'lab' classes - but does not specify any particular classes.


Since she is not going into a STEM related career, (at this point she wants to go into early childhood ed.,) I was wondering if she has to have more chem, or do you think it would be okay to let her pursue more 'interest led' choices for high school science?

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