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Hands-on Learning

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It's a little late for me after a long day, so I'm posting the question, and perhaps you all can help me find the right direction.


My daughter is a very hands-on learner. After a LOT of trial and error, I'm learning where she needs the hands-on materials at. So for the rest of this year, 6th grade, I"m going to find what I can online. I'm looking for 7th grade and up to or through high school, items I can incorporate into our schooling through the year, as money allows, unless it's free.






Science - I'm looking at Noeo Science


History - I'm looking at History Odyssey Level 2, which we are doing ancients this year and it is going okay.


American History


Thank you for any and all help.


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For math, look at http://www.aimsedu.org. It has a lot of hands on activities for various grade levels.


The ones I would recommend are these:



We tried nearly all of them and they're terrific for hands on learning.


They have good science ones as well. I'm looking for hands on science as well, so these are what various posters have pointed me to and plan to use (after I sift through):

-CPO science


-Ellen McHenry



Mr Q also looks good.

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Both of my kids loved the American history simulations through Scholastic. They are inexpensive and fabulous! Here's the one for pioneers.


My dd loves Hands and Hearts History Kits. They offer quite a bit of learning along with well put together art/crafts/etc. from each time period.

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