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I am working with my 1st grader on memorizing her math facts and have a few questions for those of you who have btdt.


1. I had originally planned to memorize the facts to 12, but now that I'm in the midst of it memorizing to 12 just seems to be slowing us down. Especially since once you memorize your facts through 9 it is pretty easy to figure out the others. So should I keep on trucking through 12 or call it a day with the facts through 9?


2. Everyday dd does her flashcards twice with me and twice with dad (just the fact set we are working on that week), completes a 12 problem "fact race" worksheet, and spends 15-20 min. playing computer games that work on the math facts. This is in addition to her regular curriculum (which also spends time reinforcing the facts). She seems happy with this, but I am curious ... is this too little, too much. Is there a fun and brilliant way to memorize these other than flash cards, timed tests and computer games????



Thanks for your help!

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We memorize ours through 10. We don't work too much with dozens around here, so I figure I don't need 11's and 12's.


I would only drill flash cards until she can recite them quickly. This may take several times a day, once a day, or once a week. Every child is different. For my kids, the best way to drill math facts is to do more complex math problems. For example, working a bunch of double and triple digit addition problem reinforces addition facts in a more natural way.

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Which math program are you using?


We are Saxon fans here & I like the incremental approach. Starting with 0-9+0, then the +1' doubles facts, etc.


DS6 likes doing the timed facts practice this year because he is confident.....which came from repeating the easy stuff over & over. The trouble is getting his pencil to move as quickly as his brain is going :tongue_smilie:

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