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How many Let's Put on a Play!" films did Rooney & Garland make?

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there was a western cowboy type one and I think at one time I might have even seen the very first one



They cranked out films in those days. Pills to sleep. Pills to wake up.


I think only Shirely Temple made it without any addictions. The power of a caring parent is great.


PBS has a great The Masters episode about Judy Garland. It's excellent.

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Babes in Arms is a sweet little move. Answer: They made 10 films together, 4 of them were of the Let's Put on a Show! variety.


I think I am going to do an ILL search. Maybe the kids will like them as well.



Good morning, good mo-or -ooring. It's great to stay out late, good morning, goood moooorning. To you and you and you and you!

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