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Is anyone else waiting for the results of medical tests?

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For you or a dc? I don't think the results are normal because when I called they said the doctor would call me back. When they're normal, they usually say so.


It's really no fun, is it? Maybe we can share some hugs to make each other feel better. So to everyone else who is waiting...


:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

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I hate the waiting period. What tests did you have done?


Lots for dd! Too many to name!


I just got a call. The doctor at our ped group who called, one we haven't seen before this recent visit, said he wasn't used to the way this hospital sent out their lab results. Right now, he said, they take up 37 pages and they're not complete. The CBC is so basic and should be done, but the doctor couldn't find the results in all those pages. He called and asked them to be re-sent. Hopefully, in a better format. My most immediate concern would have been answered in the CBC.


The good news is that it looks like all the electrolytes are okay--so we're not sure what explains the jerking she had last week--and the celiac test appears to be negative. I guess we're still searching for the cause of the chronic nausea.

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I'm not waiting but next week my son will be doing another CBC. Thankfully it takes 30 minutes tops for the results, so not very long to get the answers we need. I completely understand the frustration of waiting...Children's Hospital took forever in telling me any results, even a basic CBC. Hopefully you'll get answers to find out what is wrong with your daughter.

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I have learned over the years just to go to the lab and get the results myself. I just fill out the request form, sign my name and they print them out and hand them over. I have often gotten the results before the doctor does :-) In our case though I know what I am looking for and how to read the tests that are being run.


I do this for CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, etc. as well. Saves me a lot of worries and then I have hard copies for other doctors and my own records.

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