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I saw the doctor today. I'm being tested for many things and should have results back in a week or so, but the one thing the dr felt most strongly fits is PCOS. In fact, he felt like I've received a misdiagnosis of perimenopause (which I've been under the impression I've had for the past several years), and test results will point towards PCOS. I've never heard of this before today and what I've read online so far doesn't sound very encouraging for someone who tries to avoid long term meds. I would love to hear from anyone out here who has this and is successfully treating it w/o bc pills or other maintenance meds. I prefer natural or eastern treatments over modern meds, so if you have experience to offer in that area, please speak up! Also, I suppose just to consider all sides, I should also hear from people who are taking modern meds for this condition. Have you had any side effects? How is your quality of life/general health since beginning these meds? If there are any risks associated with the meds you're on, do you feel like the benefit you personally are receiving outweighs those risks?


Not saying I definitely have this, but since it's the one thing I'm unfamiliar with out of the group of things they are testing me for, I'd love to have some info just in case the doc is right. If it is just perimenopause, I feel confident I can continue as I have been; I just have to alter my expectations. If it's diabetes, I hope like heck that, while I might never be as thin as I was, I can at least control blood sugar through diet and exercise. If it's thyroid disorder, I am aware of a few natural things to try but have not met anyone who has had the success they hoped for in that area.


Anyway, thanks in advance for reading this and for sharing whatever you can. Hopefully, this doc is wrong, and it's just the dreaded but "this shall pass, too" perimenopause.

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I am on my phone so this will be brief. I would focus on the metabolic angle, I.e., insulin resistance/glucose issues, and consider low carb, exercise, etc.


(eta if it helps, I am currently not overweight and not taking amy meds, 44 y.o.)


run. a search here on pcos

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I have PCOS....I am on Metformin....and it really helps me keep my insulin and sugar levels in check. I eat lo-carb, no grains, very little dairy.....mostly fruit, veggies, meat and eggs....focus on good oils. Since I found out I have PCOS and started treating it with meds, exercise and diet, I have been able to maintain my pregnancies, or have regular cycles...and I have lost 94 lbs.....I have about 10 more very stubborn ones that need to GO.....but, actually getting the diagnosis and being able to get aggressive with it....really helped....if that makes sense!

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I went undiagnosed with PCOS AND Endo since 2006. The OB didnt want to do the right testing. I started seeing an RE in March of this year (since we had better insurance) and the FIRST visit he did an u/s and saw the Endo and did the proper b/w for checking everything. He called me with the results that I had Testosterone issues and Blood sugar issues- common with PCOS, along with my other symptoms (acne, irregular periods, pain, etc (and Endo can cause some of these too)). He put me on 1700MG of Metformin.


I started the Met and I felt like crap. It is a few days before it should get better. However, for me it didnt. I felt tired and grumpy no matter how i spaced the Met or how I took it- at bedtime, with food, without food, etc. I stopped taking it.

I have not taken anything BUT I did find some good research on Myo-inositol and im going to try that. It is a supplement rather than a medication and has success when used along with Prenatal Vit. Im going to try that this coming cycle- if Aunt Flo ever shows up at 60+days!

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