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I wish there was a "I liked this book, so I'll also like ..." website


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My oldest is an avid reader. It is becoming harder & harder to keep her in new books when I need to do at least a brief screen of each storyline.


When she loves one book, it is nice to be able to point her to others by the same author, or even better, the "rest of the series" of which that book was Book 1. She loves series books.


When she's done with something (book, series, all of an author's works), then we have to find something else. She looks. I look. Etc.


It would be GREAT to have a web site or resource where you could type in the name of an author or specific book & it would spit out others that are similar. Although Amazon's "others have purchased ..." feature is ok, it doesn't work as well as it could in practice.


For example, my daughter loved "The Grimm Legacy" and she loved "On a Blue Comet".


Anyone know any site like this? Or an "app" that does this?


(Our librarians seem not to read or something because none of them can refer based on this criteria. They tend to just point you to the (really small, sometimes completely inappropriate) juvenile section.

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I know Good Reads offers suggestions based on your ratings of previous books read. The more books you rate the better it can narrow in your specific taste. However, be warned- when I tried to join I accidentally joined through Facebook and it went on to publicize all my info to my friends and on my wall. I suppose its something that someone with my computer savvy than myself would have known ahead of time but it annoyed me so much I just deleted my whole account.

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:bigear: I'd love to know about something like this. The amazon feature usually really helps or leads me to listmania or things like that. Our library site has the feature but it is more about "topic" than if you like this author, you'll like that author (iykwim). And I guess it is all subjective in the end.


The Hive has come in handy in these situations, it seems like someone, somewhere has a child interested in the same authors or subjects and can suggest another. We need to create an app!!

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