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Medical Question - Acro class w/ stitches in neck?

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6 days ago, DD got 2 stitches in side of her neck right abov her shoulder b/c she had to have a little skin biopsy.


They seem to be healing nice. I kept her out of dance last week - but did let her go to Baton on Monday - with instructions that she was only to twirl on the other side.


Yesterday she went to Jazz/Musical theater and said it was slightly bothering her by the end of the 2 hour class...


Tonight is Acro (tumbling/ stretching/etc). Should I keep her home? I feel bad b/c she missed 2 weeks ago for sister's bday and is missign next week b/c we have friends coming into town (a surprise for her!)


If I asked her, she would want to go and dance - but she would have wanted to go right after wards also - so I can't trust her judgement....


My fear is that she will pull a stitch out and end up with a bigger scar - but this is our FIRST experience with stitches - so I don't know if I am being cautionary or irrational.


Moms with stitches experience - what do yo think?

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I'd suggest letting the instructor know and letting her tell your DD what she can and shouldn't do. I had to do that when my DD had broken a bone in her hand-it was easier for DD to accept her cheer coach saying "No, you can't tumble yet" than it was for her to accept it from me, and her coach was careful not to let her push herself too far.

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