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How to reduce a resume?

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I think it depends a bit on the industry, but our HR department expects about 1 page per 10 years work experience. To trim down, just resort to lists of older jobs/certifications/skills, I think. If an employer is interested in some of that older stuff (assuming your primary/more recent stuff catches their eye well enough) they will ask during the interview phase.

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This week I read on an employment search site that you should ideally post 1-3 achievements per position held, not duties or skills. Not really what you asked for, but I'm always trying to figure out how to change my dh's resume too. As to the certifications, I'm sure they're relevant to his employment and I would list them together, most recent first, most applicable to the position, and no employment gaps.

I hope he gets the job.;)

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He is going to apply for a new position and needs to condense his resume from 10 to 5 pages. He said his boss said HQ won't look at anything over 5 pages.


Any tips for condensing?


He has been to a lot of schools over the last 11 years. He has certs out the watoozie.


Unless he has been King of a country, no resume should be 5 pages.


ONE is standard, two is acceptable if you have a lot of credentials that are special.


I'd be shocked if anyone would look at a 5 page resume. The idea is to mention enough recent experience to get them interested, not give them everything ever done.

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Most recent first with more detail in the most relevant postitions. Older stuff later. Jobs first. He can list older certs inline with a date range:




This. As condensed as possible.


You want to minimize how old he is, if he is over 50. That's just a fact of life, unfortunately, unless he is going for CEO or something. And maybe even then.

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