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Well, that is just lovely

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Do you remember my terror of the dentist story? I'm sure some of you do. I'm too ticked to go look for it and link it..


Well, at the end of a very trying 2 weeks I broke a tooth that was due to be fixed. I mentioned that a few days ago on Sunday.


The appointment was today. I didn't want to seem too much of a pansy so I didn't ask for prayers. Looking back I probably should have.


Back in June (or maybe it was July) I went for a cleaning and the dentist gave me a 'script for valium to take before coming to this appointment. Of course the appointment was supposed to be in August but I put it off. Then had to put it off again because we were traveling.


So that 'script is... what? 10? Maybe 12 weeks old. I never go it filled. I have no idea where it is now. Probably shredded it after the first six weeks.


I went in today and thought I did very well. I didn't cry. I tried putting up a brave front and got the shot while having a death grip on the arms of the chair. And we waited. I only got about half way numb. So I got another shot. Which didn't do much more.


The dentist then decided I was too tense and sent me home. :glare: Even now an hour after the first shot it is all starting to wear off. The guy is blaming me being too tense because the shot didn't work. While typing this out I've gotten feeling back in my bottom teeth.


Do I have "stupid" stamped across my forehead. I get there is only so much Novocaine one can get but let's call it what it is instead of "you are too tense."


Then to top it off he gave me another 'script for Valium. Which I promptly lost. I mean from the office to the car to the front door of Rite-Aid. I lost it. I had to tell the pharmacist. She is calling all the pharmacies in town to make sure if it shows up that they ask for ID since it is a lost/stolen 'script.


It is coming back pretty quickly now. I have almost all the feeling back in my face.


Looks like I'm going to have to trust an oral surgeon to not remove all my teeth (a big fear) while he puts me under to fix this one along with a few others.

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:grouphug: I can sympathize. I hate the dentist. I always need way more novacaine than they think I need. My last dentist was awesome and would just keep giving me shots until I was numb. One time it spread halfway around my jaw but I had a painless procedure with only one nerve hit. Sadly I moved recently and I don't know how long it will take me to get my nerve up to see a new dentist. :grouphug:

Sorry you are having so much trouble. :grouphug:

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My family tends to metabolize pain meds quickly. Several members of my family have woken up during procedures. The last time I had a root canal, I started wincing halfway through. The dentist noticed and said )on a shocked voice), "can you feel that!?" I said, "yes, how close are you to done? Because I can handle it for now." I would rather tough it out than get more shots in my mouth and wait for those to kick in and all of that. It is too stressful waiting. I have more pain tolerance than patience.

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Here are some ideas that might help you relax next time:


-- Bring a small blanket to put over you. It's amazing how cozy you'll feel with it on. Lots of hospitals give their pre-op and post-op patients warmed-up blankets to relax them.


-- Wear headphones with your favorite music.


-- Wear sunglasses, if the dentist doesn't already offer them.

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