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Singapore Math Question

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Does anyone here use only the HIG and textbook (standards edition), along with Challenging Word Problems? My ds is also doing (and enjoying) Beast Academy this year, but it ends up being a lot of math! It's almost time for me to order the next SM set, but I'm strongly considering dropping the workbook.




Thank you!

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I use the workbook because it's easy, independent problems that my son can use for practice. We don't do all of the textbook problems. We go over enough of them orally that he understands the concept, then he goes off and does the workbook on his own. He only works out of the textbook for the Practice sections and sometimes the Review section (I have him do either the textbook review or the workbook review, not both).


In the afternoons, we do either Life of Fred or CWP. He's almost done with LoF Fractions, so he's been doing that more lately, but then we'll spend some time doing CWP instead - a page a day, just the challenging section.


I dropped BA as a formal add-in because of the time factor. I don't want math to take all day. He still reads the guides on his own for fun when he wants to (found him doing that just the other day :D), but I decided that it wasn't worth spending a lot of time on it. The topics were ones he'd already worked extensively on, except the parts that are visual spatial suited, which my son is not. So I chose to use supplemental materials that are more inline with his current level of work (ie, Life of Fred, CWP, etc.).


Now, math is about 45 minutes to an hour a day, at the appropriate level of work. It's all good. :)

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