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Looking for convention info...

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I'm thinking about asking my family to help me travel to a convention instead of Christmas gifts.


I haven't decided which convention I would be attending (I'll be traveling from Canada to the US.) The Great Homeschool Convention email arrived today, but for the life of me I can not find out the cost of attending this convention. I feel like an idiot because I can't find the price on the website!


Can anyone tell me what the price would be approximately?


Also, what other conventions would you attend and recommend for me to consider.


Thanks, Amy

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I went through this this past winter. Most conventions don't publish details (like price) until much closer to the convention, so you didn't miss anything on the site, most likely. Conventions seem to range from abut $35-50 for the entry fee. If you're travelling it's a pretty small component of your overall expense. I went to GHC Northeast this year and it was around $100/night for a room (I split it with a friend) and I think it was about $50 to get in. Plus travel costs, food, etc.

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The biggest conventions are the Great Homeschool Conventions. I think it is too early for them to have their prices out. NYS LEAH also has a really nice convention in Rochester, NY, we go to that one every year. Next year it will be on May 30,31st and June 1st. They do not have next year's pricing or schedule yet but you can get an idea what it is like http://www.leah.org/conventions/upstate-conference-registration

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