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Wow, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with the program. I really like it so far but I am a little frustrated that when you have a question there is no one to ask other than putting in a request to their tech support. They emailed me to say that there will be a forum in the near future where this will be possible but I need questions answered now, not in the middle of the school year.

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I put into the program, Typing class. I wanted my dd to take typing class twice a week from Sept until the end of June. When I added the class, I told it to only all the class to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


So, now it simply says Typing class on every Tuesday and Thursday for her for the whole school year. I don't have individual assignments listed because frankly, Mavis Beacon is taking care of that, and I'm too lazy to figure it all out.


Is this sort of what you were trying to do? If not, explain to me exactly what you want and I'll see if I can help you figure it out.



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