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I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.

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Start finding someone to replace yourself :) Not that you have to, but it may make you feel better about dropping something.

I used to be the queen of over-committing. I knew, starting last year when DS was in 8th grade , that no matter how guilty I felt about dropping the commitments, I had to start getting out of them.

I gave plenty of warning and helped find my own replacements, and now I am so relieved!!!!!



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I think I'd be honest with the powers that be and let them know that you are over scheduled. There might be someone waiting in the wings would would be glad to take over. If not, it gives your organizations a heads up that you may not be able to give what you'd typically be able to give. I'd tell them that I was willing to continue as much as possible, but you are really struggling.

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Thanks all. the one thing that is killing me is something that _I_ am in charge of--with 15 children attending. :( I am enjoying it, but the time commitment is wrecking my ability to plan around it at all. Silly me. There's a reason I like the flexibility of homeschooling....

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