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Yesterday....then Today

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By this time yesterday, we had done so much....today, I am still lying in bed!! 8 hairs at the faor, baby in a sling and worried whether DD was getting sick or did she really throw up because she had not eaten and worked herself into a huge fit!


***DD was not sick...she did throw up 3 times before we found something she could keep down. She woke up late, we were getting lunch on the way. It took a while to get out of the house and she thought we were not going...worked herself into hysterics and threw up. Sur a gtanola bar and was fine. Only drank the milk with her lunch....threw.it up as she got put of the car at the fair. She was great for two hours, we fed her a small snack...she had a snowcone and was fine for am hour, then threw up again! Immediately ate fries and roasted cor and was fine. She finally ate for real when we got home. So yes, I was the parent with the poking child who stayed at tje faor because we paid $100 for Disney on Ice tickets....when we got home last night she ate and ate and ate and ate. I am just glad we had the stroller, sling, and 10 bottles of water!


Anyway....DS is playing Wii, dd is still asleep, baby is asleep, and I am not moving until I have too! Carrying an 11.5 pound baby all day made my back tired! DH did take a two hour shift in the.middle :) but pushing a 5 year old in a stroller was even more work!

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