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what kind of dog should we get?

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Our golden died one month ago. She was the best dog we have ever had. We had one problem with her that we don't want to have again. She was much larger than normal for a golden. She was registered, so she was purebred, but she was 80 pounds at a healthy weight. Female goldens rarely weigh more than 60 pounds at a healthy weight. At the end, when I had to take her to the vet, I couldn't lift her to get her out to the van. I had to slide her onto a sheet and drag her out to the van and then was able to lift her into the van only with the help of my dds.


We really want to make sure that our next dog is one that I can actually lift, so a maximum weight of 40 pounds.


We want a dog who loves to be cuddled and play fetch. We want her to be at least 20 pounds, because dogs smaller than that are just too small. We want her to be smart, but not so smart that keeping her engaged is going to take hours and hours every day. Our golden was really a perfect fit. We just want smaller. I'm also not sure we could deal with having another golden. We'd always be comparing to Goldie and she is a lot for another dog to live up to.


My dh was pretty set on a border collie, but he has finally come to realize that a border collie wouldn't really fit us well. A border collie needs a job to do. We'd need to work her every day. Since we don't live on a farm, we'd have to start her in agility training to keep her from getting bored.


What breeds would you recommend?

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