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My dog is getting old, and I need some tips

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I have a Dobie (94 pounds) and my buddie is getting old. He's slowing down, not eating like he used to, not drinking like he used to, and is cranky.


He's also got these white patches on him-not around his face, but on him, like spots.:confused:


Anyway, I'm used to smaller dogs, and have had smaller dogs die, but this guy is kinda big, and I don't quite know how to make this season of his life easier.


I refuse to see him in pain, I will put him down before that happens, but, until then/if that doesn't happen, is there anything I can do to make his life less cranky?


(he's going on 8 years, and the vet said most Dobies don't live past 10)

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A soft bed, lots of cuddles and hugs. Walks as he wants/tolerates them. If he has trouble with stairs - reduce his need to climb them, if it's bad.


A trip to the vet to rule out anything that could be causing pain, and to find the causes of the white spots (or are they just his hair turning white with age?). Supplements to help with arthritis, etc if necessary.



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Ditto a trip to the vet. At the very least I'd have a senior blood panel done and have the vet examine him for signs of arthritis (which one would really pretty much expect in a dog of his size and age).


Assuming he does have some arthritis --


An orthopedic dog bed or a good quality crib mattress (my favorite) to support aging joints.


Keep the area where he sleeps relatively warm. Avoid exposure to cold, damp and drafts as much as you can.


Get him on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement and give him fish oil. Both are very beneficial for achy joints, and the fish oil is beneficial for lots of things.


Take him on slow, easy walks as much as he can tolerate. Maintaining muscle mass as a dog ages can help their joints.


Prescription pain relief drugs if he needs them.

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