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LL7 and multiple dc


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I will be using LL7 w/3 of my dc. What I need to know is how teacher intensive the lessons are. Do the chapters build on each other or can I take apart the SG, put it into chapters and have each dc take a section? Would it be better for me to have them all do one book at the same time or can they each do a separate book? I can't believe how much money I'm about to spend just to get 3 of the same books...our library system is so lame it has only 1 copy of 1 book. I like the idea of all going through one book at the same time, but my checkbook doesn't. ;)


ETA: Spoke to a representative at Hewitt and she said I can get away w/giving the dc different chapters, having them work on different books, but only on level 7, not so much level 8. If anyone has other input I really need to make a decision fast.

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Hi -

Here's a good group to ask the question to.......




But...in my opinion...I think that you could do it all at the same time....there aren't too many books to read (by the way, I'd skip the one on Hellen Keller completely - I did it two years ago with my eldest and boy was it dry and not really necessary to the lessons, and now that the next one is doing LL7 I will find any other Hellen Keller book or just talk about her!)

I'd read the mini-lessons together and even the books outloud with the younger and let the older read it on their own in the evening. Then I'd assign the worksheets and go over them the next day...as a group.

I always try to make group lessons as much as possible - for my sanity and to encourage "harmony"!


Just my 2 cents worth...


oh...I saw a while back the books (by themselves) for LL7 as well as the whole set.


Feel free to personal msg me if you have a question that needs answering quickly as I don't check here as often in the summer!


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oh...I saw a while back the books (by themselves) for LL7 as well as the whole set -


what I meant to say was on the FOR SALE forum but got interrupted (imagine that!) as I was typing and lost my train of thought!



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