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Make Up Book for Dd ~ Ibbygirl and Others!


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Dd (14) is looking to start wearing very basic make up.


* feels overwhelmed by the choices out there

* prefers a natural look.

* suffers from mild acne.

Basically, she doesn't know where to start and I'm not the best to give her advice these days since I've only just begun wearing very light and basic make up again after not wearing it for 15 years. She's asking me questions like: do I need a primer, BB cream, concealer, foundation, etc. And in what order? She doesn't know what type of foundation - mousse/spray, etc.


I thought that a book would be nice for her. Like me, she's the type that learns a lot from that sort of thing.


I'm looking at Bobbi Brown's books and don't know which one.

The Teenage Beauty book seems a bit outdated and she doesn't really want anything outdated.

The Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual seems more updated.


Any other recommendations? Doesn't have to be Bobbi Brown.


I encouraged her to look into some You Tube tutorials, but I think she'd prefer a book also. If you have any You Tube recommendations, do please share that also.


Any other tips?


Thank you so much. :)

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Cosmetics Cop and Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me by Paula Begoun are two good books to start with. She's written 20 beaty/skin-care books and you can find her sites by doing a google search on her name. She does have her own product line but doesn't push them in the books. See if your dd likes her sites or the looks of the Bobbi Brown book better. My dd reads the make-up how-to's in the magazines at the library or online (Pinterest, mostly).

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