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I have TWSS and have begun using it with my 3rd grader. I'm loosely following the SWI-A schedule, but I'm confused about what to do if I get through it in the first semester. Granted, I've only watched the unit 1/unit 2/style parts of the DVDs so I can stay a couple weeks ahead of him. But do people start over with a new themed program and do all the units again? Do they skips units 1 and 2 with the 2nd half of the year? I can't figure out if I should just spread the units out over the year, especially since we're using our own reading materials anyway. I did see the geography/Beautiful Feet/IEW combination and since we aren't specifically studying geography now, that one might be a nice direction to go next and I could use those books for copywork/narration for my 1st grader.

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