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Writing program without Copywork/dictation?


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I have an 8 year old son (3rd grade)who dislikes the physical act of writing. I sincerely believe he just needs more practice so he doesn't choke the pencil/pen. However copywork is boring torture for him. He does very well with grammar (we are using logic of English at an accelerated pace right now and I have easy grammar 4 to use when we finish LOE around thanksgiving.

I'm looking for a writing program that guides a student into writing well. Grammar and punctuation aren't an issue since he does those well. Most of the programs I've looked at appear to focus on the grammar by mimicking it in well written sentences (copy/dictation)

Is there something out there that teaches how to write well thought out, original pieces? Such as using graphic organizers or outlining, researching and brainstorming ideas, stretching sentences to be rich and meaningful?

Thanks in advance!

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My son was bored with copywork and still hated dictation because of the spelling (perfectionist).


He's doing great with IEW now. IEW does start with rewriting a paragraph sentence-by-sentence, but then you move to rewriting a story using a particular organization structure, and then you move to writing a report from a long article or multiple sources. Then you write "from the brain", etc. It covers various things.


I don't know what exactly did it with IEW... maybe the keyword outlines? But my writing phobic son can now write a paragraph fairly easily. Last year in 2nd grade, he freaked out at writing an original sentence. :tongue_smilie: Just the other day, I had him draw a picture and write a few sentences about something he liked at Disney World. He actually did it fairly easily, completely writing from the brain (though we haven't gotten to that unit in IEW yet).


We plan to use WWS later on, but IEW has my son putting words on paper, with ease. So I'm thrilled!

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