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For those who have used Visual Link Spanish...

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Did you find it helpful/necessary to purchase the online certificate program for access to the online exams? If not, how and what did you choose to grade? Thinking here about the practice quizzes being set up to take multiple times in preparation for the online exams. Also, did you make use of the workbooks that are also available for purchase?




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My middle dd enjoyed Visual Link Spanish. She just used the cds.


She used Level 1 and part of Level 2 in 10th grade and then took Spanish I and Spanish II at the cc in 11th grade to finish off her foreign language requirement.


She thought level 1 was great preparation for Spanish I. It covered all the same material, but not to the same depth. She only got a little way into level 2, but it the table of contents for it was very similar to what Spanish II at the cc covered.


She would not have managed to get an A in Spanish at the cc without the preparation she got from Visual Link.

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