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How to question someone about religion?

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Right. I'm wondering where all these awful people are too. I've only met one or two in all my 50+ years here in the midwest.


Both of our homeschool co-ops through the years have been great. In the first during the early years, people tended to be more conservative and sort of bigoted against Catholics, which I confronted head on, by the way (and no, not Catholic). I think it helped a bit, actually.

Woot! You go, girl! :cheers2::hurray::hurray:

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When my old neighbor found out we were godless, she still let her kids play with mine but apparently shared with her son about what she'd learned (the boys were under 10 at the time). I don't know what she said, but i was driving them to the zoo one day and heard Friend ask Son if he was worried about burning up in a lake of fire because he didn't have Jesus in his heart. Friend wasn't worried because he DID have Jesus in his heart.


So, we're going to burn in a lake of fire, but until then, I'm a great playdate hostess. :001_huh:


It's hard to tell with kids though. I'm working on trying, somehow, to get dd to stop telling strangers that what they're doing is wrong and bad when it's not what we do--like don't drink coffee but I know almost everyone else does and I have no problem with that at all. No reason they shouldn't if they aren't my religion, and even if they are that's their choice, and not much different from my Caffiene soda, lol. But that doesn't stop dd from telling complete strangers coffee is bad and they shouldn't drink it. :glare:

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