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If you use Beautiful Feet history, do you add a lit. study?

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Okay, if you have all seen my other posts, then you know I am still not settled on a plan for the year. I have looked at HOD and while I love it, ds hates all of the little boxes. I think he needs fewer, but longer assignments each day.


So, I am looking at BF because it is still lit. based history, but they read one book at a time. If you have used it, do you add a literature study as well?

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sometimes. I've used BF for primary US, intermediate US, Westward Expansion, Jr High, History of Science, History of Classical Music, Geography through Lit. If I could find a lit guide that covered a book we were using in BF, I used it. TLP, IMHO, worked very well with BF. The questions were quite different and the focus of the guides were different. Progeny Press Guides also worked well. Basically, I had to find a guide to fit the book we were reading at the time. It is not necessary, but it does add another dimension to the process. I would suggest making sure the lit guide fits into your grammar/language arts program so that you are not repeating something you are already doing

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