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went to a great scout meeting tonight...

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Someone who I run into every few months or longer has been telling me to get involved in this troop for a few years. It is all boys/young men with disabilities. There is a boy scout troop and a cub scout pack. They are not as rigid with the age requirements as BSA typically would require (some cubs were as old as 15 and I know some scouts were 19 or 20). I don't know if this fluidity with age is something really accepted by BSA or it's just something that this troop does on it's own because it's what these boys need. I don't care. It works.


Some of the leaders were dads as you might expect. I think one leader was just a volunteer who likes scouts. Then there were a few leaders who had "grown up" in the troop and were now assisting in running things. These were young adults with down syndrome and autism.


My ds was the youngest (11). The cub scouts made those peanut butter pine cone bird feeders and a thing which identified different types of leaves. We just plain had fun with the other kids. I wasn't paying attention to the boy scouts so I didn't see what they did. I really liked seeing the young adults with disabilities leading the program.

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That sounds great. We have been involved in BSA for a very long time. My son started with Tigers and ended when he went to college having Eagle and two palms. Then my next joined Explorers and later changed to Venture. The minute my youngest became 14, she joined Ventures too. It is a great organization. I am really happy to hear about a troop for boys with disabilities.

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