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"How to Read a Book"

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Good evening Hive,


I looked through some posts that were put on about this book a few months ago and I see that the people who posted said they had a hard time getting through it themselves. I have read the first couple chapters and surprisingly I got it!! I am wanting to have my son read through it this year. Actually, I have had him read the first few chapters. Then we went over it together. The WTM suggests having your dc read it and outline it from chapter 3 or 4 onward. Has anyone had their children do this? My ds is in ninth grade and he does need the added help understanding his reading. I am wondering how you went about having your dc outline it? Any thoughts at all would be appreciated. TIA...




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Maryalice Newborn wrote a study guide- it really helped my daughter.




Thank you for posting this! I plan for us all to read "How to Read a Book" so this could mean the difference between finishing it and not :)


Also, happy to support Maryalice by buying her book. She was incredibly helpful to us in Pennsylvania.

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