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Do we expect too much of teens? Pro homeschool article

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I really like her stuff. She writes mostly on intimacy and marriage issues but also parenting and other stuff.


While my girls are now IN public school I totally agree with her that if it isn't a good fit for them you need to look at other options. We did this for our son. He attended 1st grade which was not a good fit for him but he was still a foster child so had to go to school. We homeschooled him 2-5th grades and then he went back to middle school in a special ed program and did very very well. The girls we homeschooled through 6th grade and then put them in school.

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And I think it goes just as strongly for younger kids. One thing that really resonated with me in the LCMS church vs the UMC that I'd been raised in was the idea that "train up your child in the way he should go" needed to encompass academics-that is, your child's academic education should be in a Christian environment, focused on religious education. Where we parted ways was the belief of many that this had to be in an LCMS school, not a homeschool, and while most of the adults were polite about it, DD was facing a lot of blow-back about not attending the church's school in Sunday school and children's programming.


But I still agree with this and one thing that DD's Sunday School teachers regularly comment on now in her UMC classes is that she just plain KNOWS more than most kids her age-that she is able to connect her faith with current events, history, and so on. And that's a direct result of the fact that, since we homeschool, religious education isn't simply a devotional time at night at home (as it was for me growing up), sandwiched in between homework and piano lessons. It's integrated into what we do for many subjects and daily life.

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I think more teens would "stay Christian" if the adults in their lives modeled authentic Christianity, no matter if they are homeschooled, public schooled, or whatever.


I agree with this, esp. the boys/young men. They need to see REAL men modeling authentic Christianity.

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