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Looking for a good quality vaulting surcingle

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I know there are quite a few horsey people on this forum and I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I am looking for a good quality used vaulting surcingle that I can buy. I haven't had any luck searching online. . .if you have one or have seen one at a tack store that I can call please let me know.


Thank you!


And if anyone is curious about what a vaulting surcingle is. . .they are used on horses that are longed in a circle and allowing the rider to do all kinds of interesting acrobatics. Think of the circus and the women doing all kinds of tricks on horses cantering in a circle in the center ring. My daughter of course won't be doing all of those crazy things but she does enough acrobatic stuff in the saddle right now that I feel that we really should move up to using a vaulting surcingle.

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