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Look what I made

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Very pretty, but what is a friendship book and where did you find the time!? (I saw your thread earlier about your new schedule :blink: :tongue_smilie: )


ETA: I just clicked the link - neat!



Well it is 1am and I am packaging up my newest swaps. I fit in in where ever I have time. We have dance at 9am, so I should be in bed, but we were in the big city all day and now is the only time I have to package up thse swaps, write my letters, etc so I can take them to the PO tomorrow after dance.


During the girl's dance classes (back to back, we will be there for 2 hours) I will be writing letters and postcards that need to be done for the the next few days.


those particular books I did from about 11pm the one night until 420am when I finished the final one. I went to bed for a couple hours and then got up at 8 because ds9's online lit class was at 9am and it is a parent and child class.

I keep the coffee IV hooked up at all times.

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