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I have this huge (king size) feather bed topper that I use . . .

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You don't want to store it on your bed? :tongue_smilie:


No, it has five channels on it. So if you want to sleep perfectly in the middle of your spot on the bed it is great but if you want to snuggle there is a full channel that makes a mound in the middle of the bed which just stacks on the mound we already have there so that it is impossible to sleep in that spot. Plus I guess it is too soft for me so I wake up sore all over.


So I just use it to make a pallet for the girls in the loft when they have sleepovers. I cover it with a king size flannel sheet (so the sleeping bags don't slip around) and then sleeping bags so they have a nice fluffy place to sleep instead of the hard floor. Then they each use their own pillow and blanket. Works great for that. It's just a pain to store. I think that I will have to clear out enough space in the attic for a bin.


I also tried a gel topper and a temperpedic topper. None of them worked for me. I ended up buying a very firm regular mattress and it is much better. I also sleep with a cold pack under me at night and I never wake up sore anymore.

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Is there room in the loft to use the bin as a small table? You could throw a pretty piece of fabric over it to disguise it.


Or maybe a pretty cedar chest that could double as a table/bench & storage.


I would hate to have to drag it from the attic. At my house, getting in the attic isn't convenient or easy - plus it's HOT up there 9 months out of the year.

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