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low carb/sugar free/ healthier ice cream recipes?

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My blog has a few: http://learninglemurs.blogspot.com/search/label/ice%20cream (I *just* created the tag and am adding posts to it now, so if you only see one, wait a minute. Not that there are all that many).


My basic recipe:


One can coconut milk (you could use about 1.5 cups of any type of milk you wanted)

2 egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla (or other) extract

Additives (fruit, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, nuts, whatever)

Sweetener to taste


Heat coconut milk until barely simmering. Beat egg yolks in a separate bowl. Temper the eggs by adding spoonfuls of the hot coconut milk, one at a time, and mixing. Do this until you've at least doubled the quantity of liquid in the bowl, then mix that into the rest of the coconut milk (this prevents scrambled egg ice cream). Stir in vanilla and additives that you want dissolved in (eg. cocoa powder). Add sweetener to taste - for us, this usually means only a tablespoon or two of sugar, and you could easily use some other sweetener if you've avoiding sugar entirely. The higher quality your ingredients, generally the less sugar you need. Chill mixture, add any chunky additives (eg. chocolate chips) and use in ice cream maker as directed.


I also make smoothies in whatever way I usually make smoothies, and throw that in the ice cream maker.

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I've seen some where you put frozen fruit in a food processor. That's it. We have done this with strawberries and another time with bananas. I thought it needed a tiny bit of sweetener.


Yeah - I've found that adding just a trace amount of sugar (like a half-teaspoon per serving) can make a huge difference in the dessert-ness of things.

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Yes! Try sugarfreemom.com. I love her ideas, she also posts on FB. We try to cut back on sugar to a reasonable level. But we found her when searching for recipes for o0ur daughter, who has a dairy allergy. Good luck!


I also noticed the idea for whipped frozen bananas. They taste wonderful, and our most recent batch of bananas suggested we go to yonanas.com.


Good luck!



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