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5 Year Old Stage?

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I don't remember my oldest son doing this, but my 5 1/2 year old has suddenly become very sensitive and emotional. Nothing has changed in the family so I can't say it's family stress. He's just been crying about everything and bursting into tears if someone hurts his feelings. He's been waking up every night and wanting me to sleep with him. Is this just a phase? Is it typical 5 year old behavior?


I love the extra cuddles, but I miss my happy guy. :crying:

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Thank you. I really hope it passes soon. He's been very interested in death and talks a lot about angels. This is all very out of character for him.


When my oldest was five, death was the focus of thoughts. Can mommy get killed on the road to school? Will daddy die in a plane crash? (pre 9/11)


Some kids are like this. I used to say, "You are safe here with me. I will take care of you. Daddy called me. He is safe and on his way home."


I will not say this works for all children, but ime, around 5-7 is when my kids wake up to the world and know parents are not omnipotent. They need a lot of reassurance. I have lied to kids that age. When my dd's best friend's mother died of breast cancer when they were 6, I told my dd, "I get checked every week. The Dr says I am OK."

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