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Is it worth getting a tablet if you don't have wifi?

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If you get one where you can easily transfer files from an internet-connected computer and/or can access the internet (whether via wifi somewhere else or hardwired) on occasion, maybe.


My tablet (Asus Transformer) has an SDcard, so getting ebooks, movies, and documents onto it isn't that hard. If you can use WiFi at a coffee shop or friend's house to install apps that aren't internet dependent, it could work out well.


But really, I guess it depends what you intend it to be used for.

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To me, no unless you were going to get the 4G and pay the monthly. Although I have to say my husband pays for coverage when we travel and it is MUCH slower than the wireless connection we get most places, so I'm not sure I'd do it with just 4G either. (I'd definitely go for the router!)

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Dh doesn't like the fact that we all get barraged with the wireless frequencies so we have turned off the wireless. He gets irritated when I want to print because we have to turn it on to print since the printer in wireless and I refuse to buy a printer cable when it works just fine without one.


So we pretty much don't have wireless but a tablet is the only thing dd14 has asked for.


Might just have to go back to the drawing board to find a gift. Bleh.

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