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Help me with basic lower carb whole foods meal plan....


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I had a bit of a routine but I lost it when I was feeling much more up to cooking and experimenting. However, I'm tired. I'm 31 weeks pregnant here with constant insomnia and averaging maybe 6 hrs a sleep a night, not at one time, which is not enough for my 3rd trimester pregnant with 3 kids self. My brain power is limited right now and we need to go much more basic. Since we've started back to school as well of course I have less time and we've started a few extra-curriculars which I'm kind of in charge of, as much as I love different recipes I've not got the time and energy right now. I need to use the crockpot as much as possible.


So, I know before I had somewhat of a routine like-


Sunday- Chicken

Monday- ground beef

tuesday-leftover chicken

Wednesday- beans w/ some meat

thursday- roast-

friday- fish

sat- leftovers



But my poor brain keeps blanking out. I like to have a green and orange/red/yellow veggie with each meal as well. I know usually I can do this on my own but right now I've gone too long without sleeping well and I just need a bit of help------ Thanks so much.


I'm not super low carb as my pregnant self feels better a little bit higher but I prefer to only have beans as part of a meal once a week. No grains, gluten, soy and limited dairy(hard cheeses only). I'm trailing 100% dairy free again for myself to see if it affects my sleep at all but the rest of the family eats some.

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