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Dr. Hive: Increase in # of spider veins with pain??

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I've had varicose veins this pregnancy - pretty bad ones. Enough that I should be wearing my heavy duty compression stockings, but I seriously can't manage to get them on anymore now that my belly is in the way. Besides, to be honest, they haven't been bothering me at all in the last couple of weeks.


So the last few days, I've noticed a significant increase in the amount of spider veins near my left ankle. A LOT moire. On top of that, I've had really painful spasms on the top of that foot and it looks like the spider veins are spreading into that area?? The spasms used to be a few times a day and not too bad; but in the last 24 hours - the spasms have been almost constant and really painful. As in - I have to stop walking or sit down if I can.


DH looked at it this morning and said that my left foot looks more swollen & darker than the right foot?? I don't see it - but I can't really see my feet right now anyway :tongue_smilie:


The bizarre thing is that I noticed that the varicose veins were worse at night since I'd been up & about throughout the day but this ankle thing doesn't settle at night at all.....it is the same.


What is this?? Pregnancy related or something different??


I have a midwife appt later - just wondering if anyone has any ideas??

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I was just coming back to update......too funny that you just posted.


Midwife was concerned and wanted me to see my family dr ASAP.

They were able to squeeze me in this afternoon. Dr thinks it is likely the position of the baby that is causing this; however, she also said that since a blood clot is a possibility, she would rather err on the side of caution. I have an appointment at a vascular clinic tomorrow afternoon to have some tests done. Until then, she advised to stay off my feet as best I can.


DH just took DD8 & DS2 to the in-laws for a sleepover. DH wanted me to be able to follow dr's orders & not be getting out of bed to chase him. DS2 has never been there overnight so I am a little anxious. I think he will be ok with DD there. At least I hope he will be ok. The other 2 boys will be my little helpers/servants for the next 24 hours. DH offered to take the day off tomorrow but if DS2 is not running around here, things are much easier.

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Ok! Please update again tomorrow after you are seen. (Here, a possible blood clot would have you seen in the ER right away, so I hope that is not the case.)


I hope you have a restful night!



I guess she doesn't think it is a clot but is sending me just to double check and cover her butt??? If it gets worse, if it starts to feel warm, etc - then I will go to to the ER.


Thanks for checking in on me :001_smile:

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