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Logic for co-op: MP, Classical Academic Press, Bluedorns, Other??

Guest BookShopLady

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Guest BookShopLady

We used MP Intro Logic I + Thinking Toolbox last year with high school homeschool co-op kids in a once a week class. This year we want to continue this track with the next academic step in Logic; however, we have a mom who refuses to participate in such a BORING, DRY, and DIFFICULT curriculum (MP Intro II).

I have been researching (including buying one of each):

MP Intro I-II, Material Logic, Rhetoric

Classical Academy Press (CAP) Art of Argument, Argument Builder, Discovery of Deduction, Art of Argument DVDs

Nance's Traditional Logic I-II

Bluedorn's Fallacy Detective, Thinking Toolbox, Logic in 100 Minutes.


3/10 students are interested in truly academic structure

2/10 students think Logic is "fun" after doing MP Intro I + Toolbox

2/10 students wish they were up to more, but will struggle with the next step

3/10 students took the class because they had to


OK! The big question!! WHAT curriculum should I use for this class??? Should I hold to the track and pursue MP + Fallacy Detective? Should I jump ship for a curriculum that is more "fun," but is actually a step back for most of the class like CAP (and that is a step back, right)?


I know I can't please everyone, so do I reach for the stars and encourage the class to go for gold with academic MP Logic? Is there something better?


What about using MP Intro II with Art of Argument DVDs? These are by far the BEST DVDs I have seen yet!


Ack! I don't know what to do!


~Curriculum Junkie & Homeschool Mom of 3 classically trained independent high schoolers

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First, I would choose based on the first 5 that want something academically solid and are somewhat motivated by the *fun* of logic, rather than the other 5 that will struggle or are doing it because mom signed them up.


You can always give extra help to those that may struggle with the next step and they will benefit from being asked to do a bit more if the help is there. The first 5 will just be lost if you instead gear the class to those that can't or don't want to be there.


If you have used MP's logic and liked it, why not continue with the next book? I actually prefer Traditional Logic but that's my preference to work out logic through words rather than symbols. I haven't looked at the CAP materials. TL will actually cover fallacies at the end of the first book, I believe, so you could incorporate some of FD at that point. It might be redundant to completely work through FD and then tack TL.



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