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SL 100 count it or not

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I have heard so many opinions on counting core 100 for US history credit for high school. I thought I had landed on the side that it was enough.


Now I'm having second thoughts. Mostly due to the timing of it. She began it in the spring of her 8th grade year.

She is due to finish up soon.


She has just begun her high school, 9th grade to be exact, coursework this fall. I'm unsure as to count 100 for her first history credit or begin something else for high school? Our plan was to move to Core 200 as she wants to potentially do some missions work after high school and this core is more than helpful towards that end. I'm now unsure as to what to even call 200 as it's not a world history credit.


Thoughts as to where to go from here?

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I am interested in what others have called core 200 also. Personally I would count Core 100 because core 200 will be on the same transcript not being counted as history/social studies. Maybe a religious history course? Anyway I am having this debate myself. We are taking care of economics this year so that will be a social studies credit.:bigear:

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I wouldn't count Core 100 if it was done in 8th grade, unless she will not have enough history credits without it.


Ds did Core 100 in 7th. I think it could be done in high school for credit, but I don't count credits done before 9th grade in general and would not make an exception for Core 100.


We aren't doing Core 200, but if we did I think I would call it History of Christianity or Church History.

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