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What would you say is the most advanced K-8 math out there?


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Singapore's supplementary materials, CWP and IP, are pretty advanced compared to the average problems I've seen in other curricula.


Beast Academy has some more advanced problems, and I look forward to seeing the entire series when it is done. Here are some of the things I like about BA.


Russian Math books are good as far as well explained concepts and more difficult word problems.


Also, MEP has some more challenging material as far as really checking to see if concepts are understood (rather than just memorized).


I'm sure there are others out there, but the above are some of the better I've seen.

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It depends on what you mean by advanced.


Are you talking about strictly when operations are introduced? I would say Horizons. When my dd was doing Horizons math in first grade I tried supplementing with Math Mammoth and I was having to pull things from Math Mammoth's third grade worktext to match up.


Are you talking about the why of math? Singapore, Math in Focus, Rightstart, and Math Mammoth are all about even here.


Are you talking about manipulation of the numbers? I would say MEP. We use MEP along with Math in Focus and MEP has my dd8 doing some really tricky, puzzle-type things with numbers that I haven't seen in anything else. Edited to Add: Beast Academy might fall in this category as well, but I haven't used it or seen it...yet.

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