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truly bright or just a mimic?


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I'm not sure if this is on the right board so bear with me.


My little guy just turned 2. He knows his letters for the most part and is learning his numbers. He pronounces "w" as double-m-m even though we try to correct him. His vocabulary is still limited. He also says "m" for "n".


He hunts for letters, too. "Where's the F?" or "Where's the O?"


We keep PBS on the tv almost always or we have leap frog dvds going.


So how do you tell gifted from mimic?

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At 2, it's hard to tell. Knowing your letters at age 2 is pretty normal, though... especially with preschool programming on TV & DVDs. Kids who are truly gifted academically will think deeper and learn quicker than those who are simply bright. Bright students pick up on information easily, but they don't always build on that information unassisted.




If you can say "true" or "very true" for 85% or more of these questions, there's a good possibility your child is gifted. Some of them won't apply to a 2 year old, so you can't really answer them yet. Again, it's hard to tell at that age unless they're doing something that blows people's minds (math or reading at an elementary+ level, 500 piece puzzles, etc.).

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