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Anyone else find Veritas Press Classes (Math) Assign too much work?

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I don't know if it is just my son, or whether others find that Veritas Press online classes assign more work than strictly necessary? My son did Latin and Geometry last year, and the work load was heavier than expected. Today I am considering withdrawing him from Pre-Calc. for the same problem. I love the fact that their teachers are good and they have a live classroom experience. But I am worried about whether it will take over our school year. Any other experiences with this?

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Ds is taking four VP classes:

Algebra I



Latin I


He took three over the summer...


I do not find the classes excessive...

Actually, I am quite happy with the pace and the number of assignments, and have to admit that I perceive it as a "really check" concerning the kind of work (quantity and quality) appropriate for a high-schooler.

Ds is only 12, btw, but we need to adapt the rigour of his studies (yes, I used the word...:tongue_smilie:) to local standards (we do not live in the US).

He is an average student, who needs to work hard to have success in these classes...but that is okay!:)

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We don't find them to be too much.

(ds has experience w/ the accelerated summer classes and school year long classes.)


Is he struggling with the content so it seems as if it's moving too fast? This may be the one class that just requires more attention/ effort. and some prioritizing.


I'd previously dropped one of his classes (math, actually) due to pacing because my child was just not ready and needed to solidify some other skills before moving forward.

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