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See you all in June

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Extra curriculars are starting up this week. I am officially a dance mom.


Here is our new schedule as of tonight


Monday DD13 Ballet 4-5; Jazz 5-615

Tuesday DS14& DD13 cadets 630-9

Thursday DD13 Stretch/Lyrical/ballet variations 500-625 (until after xmas she will actually be 10 minutes or so late each week); DD5 prebeginner dance (primary ballet/pre Jazz & tap) 615-730; While dd5 is at dance at 7 drive 3 bigs to youth group/kids church (about 3 blocks away), go back pick up dd and then take her to kids church

Friday DD13 Tap 4-445

Saturday DD5 10-11 Acro; DD13 11-12 Acro

Sunday DS14 & DS9 5-630 TKD


Of course none of that accounts for cadet camps, dance comps (DD13 is expected to have 3-4 competitions plus year end recital, dd5 just recital)


And of course their online classes too


DS9 Tuesdays 9-10 fables & tales

DD13 and DS14 Wednesday 1030-12 Intro to the great books; Thursday 330-5 classical poetry (this is why dd will always be a little late)


And of course my own lessons for the kids, chores, renovations, pets etc. I doubt I will be around too much. I hope to re-emerge around the end of June lol

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.... I just fainted on your behalf!


At least no one can say "I'm bored!" LOL


My 5yr old says it at least 10 times a day. I look at her like this :001_huh:


Today they were bored, on purpose. My foot is killing me, whatever they stuck in my hip last night has fully worn off. So today I have stayed on my butt and cadets will have to wait until next week so I can keep my foot up.


Oh yeah, I start physio on Thursday am to deal with my foot, so that is another thing to add to the list.


I will still be around somewhat, I was being mostly tongue-in-cheek. Though I will be on FB much more.

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